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Hi, Beautiful. Yes you!

My name is Feleina R, yes your right, I only have an initial as my last name, but, you can call me Fele.

Well, I am excited, this is my first blog post and glad you are a part of it. Let’s start with some positivism. Now breath slowly, SMILE wide, tell yourself you are beautiful, no matter what is going on in your life, you will make it to the other side and will stay happy. Relax!

Who am I? Allow me to introduce myself. I am 25 years old, live in Bangalore, India. A profession in Medical Billing, but a passion for blogging. I am also a self-taught baker, a chef, big time foodie, and a horrible singer. I love the smell of a cake baking and drool over baking videos every single night. I spend my time blogging, cooking, listening to music and playing with my pet, a kitten, her name is Detective Olivia, named after one of Taylor Swift’s kittens (i love her).

What am I going to blog about? I will be blogging about Food, Health, and Information. In detail, tips about cooking and baking, recipes for healthy food, tricks on cleaning your home, help in maintaining your health, skin, and hair, and will cover every single information you and I will need to know.

How can you be involved? I encourage comments, feedback, thoughts, and opinion on my posts, provided you do not cause harm or hatred to any individual, group, religion or a community. You can ask questions about anything and we as a community can help each other. I also allow guest posting. Let’s use this platform to help, be kind and support each other, that’s the best we could do.

What do I want to achieve by blogging? I want to spread information to this world and of course, also earn some money. I love the concept of blogging, how a person can communicate to the world right from their home. This is a blessing of the internet. I will be overwhelmed if you could shower some love on this post and encourage me to post more.

Thank you for reading. I wish you success today. Come back tomorrow.

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