Luxura Sciences Organic onion oil – made up of 14 essential oils, controls dandruff, reduces hair loss and accelerates hair growth. We teamed up with Luxura Sciences to deliver you this amazing multi-purpose, complete hair treatment oil.

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This hair oil is made up of 14 essential oils, like Onion oil, Amla oil, Bhringraj oil, Neem oil, Tea tree oil, almond oil, etc. Luxura Science Onion Hair Oil is multipurpose hair oil that might help in hair growth, nourishment, prevention of grey hair and dandruff.

Guess what it has no stink as the other hair oils. If you are looking for amazing hair oil then this one is for you.

Below is the list of oils used in making this magical hair oil.


Uses/Type of Ingredients

1. Red Onion oil Nourishes hair follicle, reduces dandruff
2. Argan oil Induces growth of healthy thicker-looking hair
3. Hibiscus oil Prevents hair fall,  dryness, and frizz
4. Bhringraj oil Improves blood circulation
5. Sesame oil Strengthens hair from the root and offers deep nourishment.
6. Jojoba oil Moisturizes scalp
7. Olive oil Prevents premature aging of the hair
8. Sweet almond oil Provides nutrients to the hair follicle
9. Coconut oil Provides luster, shine, and softness
10. Castor oil Induces healthy hair growth
11. Amla Reduces itch and dandruff
12. Neem Oil Offers silky, shiny strong hair
13. Tea tree oil Nourishes hair roots
14. Cedarwood oil Increases blood circulation in the scalp
Free from Parabens and sulfate-free
Comedogenic Non-comedogenic
Irritating Natural oils used, check for user-specific irritation
Artificial Fragrances No Fragrances used

Usage: Apply oil throughout Hair and Scalp and massage gently. Leave overnight and wash with a mild shampoo. If your scalp is oily use an hour before you wash.

Writing this after two days of use, and I must say how well-nourished my hair looks. It’s only been two washes, so I definitely cannot tell about my hair growth. I had mild dandruff and it disappeared in just one wash. I usually mix 4 or 5 oils and don’t have to do it anymore.

Use my affiliate link , to buy this product and let me know your review. You will not be charged any extra amount.

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