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Have you heard about the Portable Gas Stove In India? Do you want to buy one? Do you want to know its features and how to use them? Read further

Portable Gas Stove is small, compact, single burner gas stoves and works on Gas Canisters. These stoves can be used while hiking or camping. The average 500g canister will last for just over three hours.

Some stoves work on Normal LPG cylinder & with Butane gas Canister also.

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HANS Portable Kitchen Cooking Set – Not Sponsored

Features of Hans Portable Kitchen Cooking Set

Automatic shut-off safety lock

Piezo ignitor safety lock and Heat conduction system

Adjustable flame

Long textured grates

Premium Quality, classy look, easy to operate, lightweight, special party combo

Work on Normal LPG cylinder & with Butane gas Canister also

Weight – Lightweight – 2.03Kg

Dimensions: 24 x 12.6 x 2.0 (inches)

Safety features: Safety shut-off device, Safety joint, Safety cartridge setting device.

Any cooking utensils can be used. (Do not use utensils exclusive for induction stove)

Great to use to cook for a single person and when there is no power back up

Cons: Recommend not to use Butane Gas Canister inside any closed room or enclosure as the possibility of carbon monoxide emission can be dangerous. Therefore use Butane Gas Canister in places with good ventilation.

There are various Portable Gas Stoves In India. I found the Hans Portable Gas Stove to be the best and safe in India. (Not Sponsored)

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