Tips to keep your kitchen tidy and neat

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Well, let me start with a disclaimer. My kitchen is not perfect, I am also trying to maintain my kitchen tidy. While I love to cook, I also hate to clean the kitchen and wash dishes. In the long run, I have learned a few ways and tricks to clean my kitchen easily.

1. Go minimalist. Use minimal vessels. Do not use multiple utensils, take time to sort the vessels and keep away those you do not use regularly. Buy appliances you would use every day choose wisely. I love baking, so I got a 10-liter conventional oven rather than a 52-liter. ( ).

2. Start with a clean kitchen. Just like how you clean yourselves before you start a day, also clean your kitchen before you start. Put your dishes to wash, clean your slab and throw your wastes.

3. Clean your spills immediately. Leaving your milk spills will only attract more germs and flies. Always keep a micro-fiber cloth handy to clean away your spills.

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4. Keep your washed vessels dry. Make sure to dry your utensils. Keeping them dry makes sure unwanted germs and bacteria that could grow in water are kept out. Letting containers used to store flour and spices can be kept in sunlight, which can help in preserving them longer. ( ) 
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5. Mop kitchen floor, windows, and sills every day. Make a habit to mop your kitchen floor, window and sills if you have any, every day in the night. Use a good floor cleaner. Your kitchen can be the dirtiest place you visit if not cleaned every day. I use a microfiber mop which cleans out every single dirt. Get them on 
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6. Put away dirt. Every time you think something is dirty or not required do not put them down, put them away. Put used vessels immediately into the dishwasher or wash them. Do not throw anything away on the kitchen floor.

7. Use different trash cans for recyclable and non-recyclable waste. Use different trash cans for recyclable waste like food waste and non-recyclable cans for plastics. This way you know where to put what and the world will thank you later. Also, make sure to wash your trash cans in and out to keep away stink. I do not encourage you to use garbage covers as its plastic. I use the twin trash cans for dry and wet waste.

8. Have one messy drawer. Not every kitchen can be organized, so have a messy drawer out of people’s view, where you could dump new additions to the kitchen until you find a better location. Make sure its a small drawer.

9. Label and stay organized. Label your drawers and containers. Labels in your kitchen can make your day easier and can be used by anyone else without any confusion. Labeling drawers may not help you in the beginning, but in the long run, you will make sure to put your flour in the same container and drawer, which will let your kitchen look neat and tidy. So go label them now.

10. Do not dump your refrigerator. Make sure to check your fridge at least once a week. Remove everything that is sitting in there for ages and throw them away. One spoil food can spoil the whole fridge. Keep your foods close to expiry in the visibility so you would use them first. I use the refrigerator organizer. 
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