Pazham Pori or Banana Fritters

Pazham Pori or Banana Fritters in 10 mins.

Pazham Pori is the best snack along with tea (chai). These are also known as “Ethakka appam” or “banana fritters”. These are stripes of banana dipped in a fritter batter and deep-fried in oil. Pazham Pori is a favorite snack of Malayalees. Print Recipe Pazham Pori Or Banana Fritters A yummy tea time snack. Strips …

What defines Minimalism

What is Minimalism and its characteristics?

Dictionary Meaning – A movement in sculpture and painting which arose in the 1950s, characterized by the use of simple, massive forms. Deliberate lack of decoration or adornment in style or design. This defines Minimalism, also find below the characteristics of being a minimalist. The idea of simplifying your life down to your essentials is …

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